Session 2

Simplify the Complex: Roll Up Your Sleeves

  • Introduction
    • Last Week
    • Homework
    • Introductions / Storytelling
  • Customer Segmentation
    • Market Sizing
    • Facebook Audience Insights
  • Goals & Needs
  • Customer Research meets Marketing
    • Goal Statements
    • Voice of the Customer
    • Competition
    • Environmental Scan
    • Competitors’ Marketing Channels
    • Similar Web
  • Analyzing Interview Findings
    • Industry & Customer Research Tracking
    • Best Practices
    • Iterating Customer Research
  • Homework
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About this Session

Research is hard so it seems like I’ve made it more complex, making you dig up more and more information.

We have to roll up our sleeves to really sort through all of the things you have found.

Think of this as reorganizing your clothing closet. You pull everything out of the closet, making a huge mess. But, you can now see everything you own, creating a new organization scheme before returning your clothes to the closet. All the while, you’re throwing out stuff that is no longer needed.

The goal of the next two weeks is to refine your observation and interviewing strategy and start consolidating your insights.

Two Week To-Do’s

Batch 1

Continue Interviewing

  • Push for 20
  • Code your findings in the Industry & Customer Research Tracking spreadsheet
  • Update your interview script based on insights

Market Sizing & Facebook Audience Insights

  • Facebook Audience Insights to describe your Target Market & Early-vangelist
  • Update the description of your customer profiles
  • Save any thought leaders, media sites, etc. in the Environmental Scan spreadsheet

Early-vangelist, Their Goals & Needs

  • Put your goal statement in the “Goal Statement for Survey Planning” template
  • Add to the template any other finalized insights from your interviews

Competitive Research

  • Add any competitors to the Environmental Scan template
  • Perform the Key Competitive Research 1
  • Use for the Competitor Channels

Voice of the Customer

  • Code favorite quotes in the Voice of the Customer template

Batch 2

  • Problem Exploration & Most Valuable Problem Guide
  • Branding Homework


  • Write 1 x 3 paragraph article on your insights thus far
  • Start posting on one social media platform

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The entrepreneurial army has to behave like guerrilla fighters, picking and choosing what battles to fight. It has to do careful battle planning because of restricted resources. That is, which customers it has the best chance of winning."

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