Session 6

Rock Solid Planning
Put Your Solution Out There

  • Introduction
  • Analyze Survey Findings
    • Analyze Goal & Problem Rating
    • Using Solution Feedback to Map to Content
    • Using Solution Feedback to Map to Product
  • Product Vision
    • Elements of One
  • Product Roadmap
    • What We Won’t Build
    • Identifying Milestones
    • Contingency Plans
  • Iterating on Product
    • Research, Design, Build, Test, Learn
    • List of Iterations from Opt-In to Product
    • Paper Prototyping + Sketching
    • Wireframes
    • No Code Options
    • Solution Finding Benchmarks
  • Homework
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About This Session

Wrapping up Labs* with the 6th session! It’s time to put your solution out there. With your survey findings, you can crystalize your product vision, break down your future iterations to develop a product roadmap, and see how to iterate on versions of your solution going forward.

Two Week To-Do’s

 Continue or Call It on Your Survey

  • If you have 30 “early-vangelists,” you can stop iterating & distributing your survey
  • If you don’t yet have those 30, refer to the slides and Session 6 video to decide which parts of your survey (distribution or the design of the survey itself) you need to work on

Analyzing & Coding Your Survey Results

  • Open the Survey Results Template, make a copy, and start logging your insights
  • Filter the answers by different audiences to understand which solutions are most desired

Product Canvas

  • Use the Product Canvas to capture your insights from all of Labs*, particularly the Top Solutions and Ideas you will focus on moving forward

Create a Product Roadmpa

  • If you haven’t done the activities from Session 5, start there.
  • Use the Product-Market Fit Guidelines (image below) to analyze all of the solution ideas
  • Choose Your Approach:
    • The Top-Down Approach: Start with your total product vision, and reduce it to several versions that will build on top of each other
    • Bottom-Up: Start with what you can give them right now (“first offer”) and iterate based on customer feedback
  • Determine the order in which you will build/introduce new products, features, and services you’re with some due dates.

Product Iterations

  • Document your To-Be Customer Journey (see guide)
  • If you haven’t yet done the Opt-In and Landing Page, start there
  • Use the Tasks & User Flows guide to break down the steps you want site visitors to take with your opt-in
  • Use the Initial Prototyping guide to sketch a visual representation of that journey

Going Forward: Iterate and Prosper!

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The ability to learn from missteps distinguishes a successful startup.

Steve Blank & Bob Doft"The Startup Manual"