Client Wins From Q1 2021

By March 23, 2021December 6th, 2022No Comments

Sitting at your desk, working for someone else, looking for the freedom & flexibility that comes with entrepreneurship?

After years self-employed, I do pause to appreciate that I have these two Fs. 

It’s important to me that my own clients get their slices of freedom & flexibility.

When I hear about their wins, wins that have made their startup journey smoother & easier, I celebrate, too!

Watch this video to hear about some of the amazing things my current & past clients are up to. Things like…

  • Prathima got funding, and, through Labs*, she validated the direction of her mobile app.
  • Jessica launched her MVP & has a waitlist of 65 beta testers wanting to find committed love through their personal networks.
  • Santha signed a new client within the first two weeks of Labs*, and onboarded a Chief Product Officer who LOVES all of the resources that comes with my program.

These founders were/are members of Labs*: Product-Market Fit For Pre-Seed Startups and are a testament to what you can do with me in your corner.

Want what they’re having? Learn more and register for Labs* here!

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