[LinkedIn] Our Last Benchmarks of Product-Market Fit: Grow & Scale Your Startup Business

By August 20, 2020December 6th, 2022No Comments

If you build it, will they come? Entrepreneurs and creators want to believe that if they build a startup business so amazing – and, of course! what they’re building is so amazing – people will naturally love it. All of the major media outlets will write about them and every new user will be an evangelist. They’ll share and invite all of their friends!

The whole idea that Product-Market Fit could be an inflection point sets people up to build first then market later. First-to-market and (the false) belief in Steve Jobs telepathic ability to innovate let us forego putting early versions of our product in front of customers, missing important details.

In actuality, our ego is scared to put the unrefined versions of our product out there. We’re scared for the negative feedback so we build a full product. Yet,

No product is fully built if there are no customers actively using it.


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