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Why Product-Market Fit Is NOT An Inflection Point

By November 4, 2021January 18th, 2023No Comments

Product-Market Fit isn’t this thing you strive to reach.

Is your product based on a solution that worked for you? Most founders experience a problem, figuring out how to solve the problem for themselves, then think there’s a business.


Do you know or are you assuming that people who also experience this problem value a solution the same way you do?


 Product-Market Fit is not an inflection point you can strive for later, after your product is finished. 


Finding PMF starts with Founder/Problem Fit. That’s “Why you?”


Then, Problem/Fit. That’s “What is the value to the customer if you solve this problem?”


You can hit both benchmarks without having a product or offering any solution.


You have people that are excited at the very idea that you could solve this problem. Now you need to sketch a solution and answer the question, “Will customers pay me to solve THIS problem THIS way?”

Notice the verb I’m using: SKETCH. You don’t need to pay a designer or get someone to code your website or app right now. You’re sketching out a very basic, bare-bones offer or prototype that will further validate that you’re heading in the right direction

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