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Should You Start A Community Like A Facebook Group? Startup Community Building Tip

By January 13, 2022January 18th, 2023No Comments

Is a Facebook group the right place to build your community?

People need you now.

I know you want to take another few weeks to evaluate different tools and come up with a foolproof plan, but…

Your customers need you to solve their problem… NOW.

Developing the perfect embodiment of your vision to solve their problem? Risky.

Why wait? What are you scared of?

Use the tools that are already at your disposal.

That spreadsheet, listserv or online forum? They’re not perfect, but they’ll get the ball rolling.

By using readily available tools, you can solve some piece of your customer’s problem NOW. Even if it’s small… Even if it’s not perfect… 

You’ll start the learning process with REAL humans ASAP.

Tell me: When first starting out, what tools did you use that you no longer use?

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