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Trim The Fat, Niche Down & Work On Serving Your Startup’s Biggest Fans

By December 16, 2020December 6th, 2022No Comments

Watch this video for an example on how you can strategically narrow down your startup’s customer segment to the core group of really dedicated super fans!

Trim the fat so that your startup is focused on solving a problem for one, very specific customer type.

This customer type is called your early-vangelist. They are eager to have their problem solved, are excited about your solution (even if it’s bootstrapped together) and most importantly, they are ready to pay you for your solution.

Your startup may solve the problem of a variety of customer types, but if you focus on this one, very dedicated group, you’ll save resources and build your startup’s very own super fans.

Watch this video to learn how my client and I narrowed down from 3 customer segments to 1 (click to retweet).

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